Today I joined the kick off of the PreXLR program by BW Ventures.

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Schakel om naar Nederlands.

bw ventures prexlr programmaI’m in the 100-day PreXLR program by BW Ventures and I will blog about this during these days (99 days to go) and will post about it on Facebook and Instagram! BW Ventures stands for the principle that a blue whale gains 90 kg a day in its first 100 days. During the PreXLR program by BW Ventures you’re guided in an (ad)venture through the miraculous world of start-ups. The ones I read about a lot, where they talk about huge amounts of money and crazy investors. Today alone my complete conceptual thinking has changed. I’m happy I joined this exciting ride. But it wasn’t easy to sign up.

Once, about a decade ago, I asked a teacher from the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen (where I graduated) what his advice was about the following: ‘Let’s say you ever think of something, and later on, someone goes and does that and makes a fortune with it. You might recognize it, that you might think: ‘I wish I did this and that back then…’

He said: ‘It can feel as a missed opportunity, but you can also be glad that you’re capable of thinking of such ideas.’

Today I have learned a lesson of utmost importance: Learning is unlearning. I realized that I was so encapsulated by certain pre-filled fields (by myself) that I found it almost unacceptable to simply throw some parts of my concept into the bin.

Obviously, this has only the case when working on this particular concept and nowhere else. 😉 

Not that I’ve never thrown something in the trash or started and stopped project. Often enough, but now it was different. This approach is… confrontational, not rude, but in your face. Today, fortune smiled on me. I sometimes brag that I like to have smart people around me (also to myself). Today it was the real deal!

Day one alone was an extremely intense experience, resulting in that everything I already built in my mind is now floating around in loose parts in my mind. Tough, but also liberating.

‘The whole is more then the sum of its parts.’ ~ Aristoteles

A stack of ideas, assumptions, mini-resumes of phone calls, numerous blogs, visions, images and dreams were chaotically racing around in my mind. Some kind of shake-up and the details haven’t fallen in to place as if yet. It has become nearly impossible to tell what exactly is the concept I applied with (to the PreXLR program). It could be completely different tomorrow.

The initial concept is that I think I can help high school students and companies with a mobile internship marketplace app. But does anyone really need this?

That’s what I’m bound to find out in the next 99 days. I expect lots of changes so if you want to learn about starting up, follow my blog about BW Ventures!


Join me the next 99 days! Who knows where my endeavour will bring me! Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

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